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L I S T E N   T O   M O R E   M U S I C   B Y    C U B A N P E T E    

Will Haynes is a Dallas-born singer, songwriter and producer crafting atmospheric R&B music out of his living room, inspired by the nuances of human emotion, that you can smoke a blunt to. Known as Cubanpete, his music brings a unique and eclectic sound to the genre comprised of a marriage between psychedelic, experimental and urban influences. He cites inspiration from artists Goldfrapp and Cee-Lo Green, to name a couple. He is currently promoting his new single "Limbeau", writing and recording for his debut EP, as well as writing and helping to develop a music-related scripted drama.

R E A D   M O R E   

Speakeasy Open Mic November 27, 2017 10 pm

M A I L I N G   L I S T