W H O   I S    C U B A N P E T E ?

Will Haynes is a Dallas-born singer, songwriter and producer crafting atmospheric R&B music out of his living room, inspired by the nuances of human emotion, that you can smoke a blunt to. Known as Cubanpete, his music brings a unique and eclectic sound to the genre comprised of a marriage between psychedelic, experimental and urban influences. He cites inspiration from artists Goldfrapp and Cee-Lo Green, to name a couple. He is currently promoting his new single "Limbeau", writing and recording for his debut EP, as well as writing and helping to develop a music-related scripted drama.

His stage name "Cubanpete", inspired by a 1936 recording by Jose Norman, derived from his determination (and struggle) to handle loneliness, loss, and life's various other gut-punches with strength, optimism, and little bit of swagger-- which is a message that his music is heavily inspired by. Ranging from slower solemn laments to faster bass-driven rides and anything in between, he aims to connect with his fellow listeners and lovers in a true and authentic way. Cubanpete's music dances across the spectrum of experimentation, mixing ambient melodic chords with driving 808's in experimental and lo-fi atmospheres. Cubanpete is the "special brownies" of R&B.

It wasn't until the age of 24 that Will decided to pursue the music career he had been afraid to. A stunting fear that was rooted in self-doubt. After 5 days in a Johnson County jail, due to a marijuana possession violation (less than a gram if you were wondering), he had a reality check, realizking that he had absolutely nothing to show for the passion he possessed for music. Immediately upon being released he immediately began to teach himself how to produce his own music in Garageband, and has been recording in his state-of-the-art one bed-room apartment living room studio ever since.

Will has written and is in the stages of pre-production of a scripted series surrounding the journey of a late twenty-something trying to make it in the music industry as an artist. He is also looking forward to releasing his self-produced debut EP in early 2018.

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